You can empower and comfort a child with books. 

Welcome to Keri's Kids

Keris’ Kids nonprofit brings empowering and comforting books to foster children and children at-risk or suffering from abuse. 


Keri’s Kids collaborates with children’s book author, Keri Vellis and distributes her life-changing and healing books to children in need.


As a mom to six, (three adopted through foster care ) and foster parent for children from painful and traumatic beginnings and backgrounds, Keri Vellis understands the challenges and circumstances that may arise when kids are displaced. After writing two self-published books offering comfort and safety for such children, Keri wanted to find a way to be sure they received the books. Her goal is to assure the kids feel safe and loved while going through the often uncomfortable transition to a new home. 

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Our Impact

Foster care children often don’t have the words to communicate their traumatic experiences. Our books help give them a voice and lets them know that they are not alone. 

“It takes courage for a child to tell their story. There is little written for children on these subjects, and we all thank you for your heartfelt and important contribution."

- Judy Durham, Director, Napa County Courage Center

Child Testimonies


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