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Our Mission

Keris’ Kids non-profit brings empowering and comforting books to foster children and children at-risk or suffering from abuse. 

When mom Keri Vellis could not find any relatable children’s books for her foster care children, she decided to write her own. As a foster care parent and mom to six (three biological and three adopted through foster care), Keri wanted to read comforting books to her children that spoke to their experiences of being displaced from their homes. 

Keri wrote and published two children’s books for foster care children and children at-risk or suffering from abuse. Her books offer comfort and safety for children during challenging life transitions. The books also give children a voice and way to process their emotions and communicate their trauma in a safe and healing manner.

Keri founded Keri’s Kids as a way to bring the books into the hands of the children that need them the most. Now we work with state and county agencies, nonprofits, schools, hospitals, law enforcement, and the media to bring the books to the children.

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