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"Hero Foster Mom Who Wants ‘Kids to Feel Hopeful’ Writes Children’s Books with a Special Message


When California mom Keri Vellis couldn't find a book to read to her foster kids, she wrote one herself..." Read full article HERE.

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Keri discusses foster care and her books for National Adoption Month on Fox 6 image to watch video. 

​CHARLESTON, SC (FOX 24 NEWS NOW) – There are nearly 400-thousand children living in this country’s foster care system.

Keri Vellis, an author and foster/adoptive mother, all the way from California’s Bay Area joined us in-studio to talk about her book series and explain what it means to be a foster parent. Click here to see full interview.

Article by 07/06/2018

When producers for the “Ellen” TV show booked a special audience for the “1 Million Acts of Good” show on Jan. 26, Marin native Keri Vellis was on the more

Keri interviewed at KSRO for Foster Care Month  5/1/2018. Hear interview HERE.

Keri discusses the need for foster resource books on Fox News 11 in LA 4/27/2018. See video HERE.

Ellen DeGeneres Invites Keri to Her 60th Birthday Show

Part of The Cheerios One Million Acts of Good Campaign! February 1st, 2018

Keri who was among only 300 individuals chosen for their acts of giving and helping humanity. The audience was closed to the public, while Ellen recorded a two day episode for her 60th Birthday Show. She acknowledged the attendees for doing good in the world and encouraged them to continue with their calling. The shows aired Thursday and Friday, February 1st and 2nd, 2018.

The Press Democrat featured the above article about Keri July 14, 2017,  by Dianne Reber Hart, Towns Correspondent. Read the full article HERE.


The December issue of Sonoma Family Life interviewed Keri Vellis about her foster care journey and what inspired her to write her engaging children's book Sometimes... Read the full article by clicking HERE.


When Keri got the call her books were ready to deliver, she and her team couldn't wait for the truck to come to her so they went to the truck! She loaded 1500 books, pallet and all, into the back of her SUV. With her "Grass Roots" marketing and distribution efforts, Keri does not waste a minute in getting orders fulfilled or connections made to ensure those who need the book most, receive it. Please contact her HERE to learn how you or your organization can make this book more available within the Foster Care and Adoption community.


Keri has been invited to several classrooms in Sonoma County to read aloud and explain her role as an emergency foster parent. She discusses the process of how and why a child may be removed and what happens as they get placed with a foster family.

"The kids are very observant and love the illustrations. I purposely created the main character to look gender neutral so they could identify with the child whether they are a boy or girl. They have even shared personal experiences because I think they feel supported. The book perhaps 'normalizes' their reactions and emotions to a traumatic event."

Here Keri reads a version of her book prior to it being printed. Books will be available in June and can be purchased or donated by clicking HERE.




SANTA ROSA, CA, April 26, 2017 (inVision Communications) Keri Vellis, an experienced Foster Parent in Sonoma County, has written an engaging children’s book to comfort foster kids who are displaced from their homes. Keri’s goal is to help children who are transitioning to another home feel good about themselves, and understand that there can be loving people around them as well as happiness in their lives.


“I always enjoy reading to my kids, but was surprised to find that local bookstores and libraries did not have age appropriate and engaging books focusing on the experience of being displaced and moving to an unfamiliar environment.” This is when Keri decided to write Sometimes. When she read it to her little ones, they immediately related to the story and encouraged her to make it an actual book.


Keri knew she needed to find an illustrator who could convey the emotions and tone of her story with lively and colorful art. She was introduced to illustrator Jin Lehr, who happened to be a one-time foster child herself. Having aged out of the system, Jin understood the emotions of what Keri had written because she had gone through it as a child. The main character starts the journey timidly clutching a teddy bear in new surroundings. While experiencing positive family activities the child finds happiness and releases the fear, as well as the bear.


As the project took hold, Keri had a website developed and created a “Donate to a Foster Child” option for purchase. “I would love to have this book available in each Blue Bag that goes with the foster child to their new home, so I wanted to offer an option to purchase a book as a donation. I will personally get it to our local agencies that fulfill these bags,” Keri stated. Keri is self-publishing the first title. Books will be released in June and are available for pre-order now at her website,

Keri and her husband are passionate and involved parents of six children: three biological and three adopted through the foster care system. She has three more books in the works all geared to identify with and comfort children who have experienced difficult situations.

For more information and media inquiries please click HERE or contact Sandy Hernandez at; 707-332-1218

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Natalie, Foster and Adoptive Parent



"My husband, children and I have been a "helping family" (or foster family) for the past 12 years. We have had the pleasure to care for 51 children ranging from 26 hours to 17 years old. Reading books with these children is one of my favorite ways to build trust, bond and regulate. A huge part of comforting a child is helping them to understand that they aren't the only ones having this life experience; that SOMETIMES by no fault of their own they can't stay where they live and that is alright. This beautifully illustrated book is a gentle way to talk through the process of an unexpected move, to help normalize feelings and comfort a child by boosting their self esteem. What a valuable parenting tool!!!"

Sarah B., Fost-Adopt Mom



"This is the book I've been waiting for. As a mother of two adopted foster children I often feel overwhelmed and unsure how I should explain foster care and adoption to my young children. "Sometimes" is a great tool to open the conversations with kids of all ages. The illustrations are engaging while the message is soft but clear. This book has quickly become part of our nighttime ritual."

Suzanne, 2nd Grade Teacher


Santa Rosa, CA

"My students loved this book and the author who presented it. The students enjoyed the illustrations and simple details that evoked emotion, empathy, and understanding. "Sometimes" is a book I will keep in my classroom. Keri has found a way to comfort those children who may experience removal from their homes as well as educate others about children in this circumstance."

Mel, Kindergarten Teacher


Santa Rosa, CA

"Keri came to my kindergarten class and shared this important story with my students. It really helped young children to understand the sensitive subject of foster care and adoption and the kids were very drawn to the pictures and story. Thank you so much for sharing with us!"

Kristi, 2nd Grade Teacher


Santa Rosa, CA

"What a wonderful little treasure this book is! 'Sometimes' is a touching book about fostering and adoption and making kids all kids feel loved and safe. Keri and her illustrator did a beautiful job with words and pictures!" 

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